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As well as a beautiful space, your new sustainably sourced, premium German Kitchen is fundamentally practical. Innovative and robust fixings are a joy and a carefree experience, so you can get on with living.

ONE OF OUR USPs:Strength and Durability

German products are known for their quality, and this is especially true of German kitchens. Their attention to detail is a distinct advantage on engineering and developing materials for fitted kitchens. Ours are developed in-house, rather than being outsourced.

German kitchens are developed ethically – and rigorously tested for durability – to yield a minimum of 15 years’ operational life. Our wall units are designed and built for weight-bearing that is considerably heavier than in standard kitchens.

The longevity of a German kitchen lies in the way it is manufactured. Unlike the common flat-pack; German kitchen cabinets are assembled to order – so the quality can be checked before every unit leaves the warehouse. This way there won’t be the worry of missing elements, and it also means the units are robust, rigid and correctly angled for an expert fit. Installation is also quicker, because there is no assembly.

Modern practical kitchen
Dark-tone kitchen

THE END RESULT Design and Versatility

Using your kitchen should be a pleasure, so you will appreciate high-functioning appliances, well- engineered swivel and fold-out systems and beautifully fitted kitchens. German Kitchens focus on function, without neglecting aesthetics on colour, design and materials.

You may be dazzled by extensive combinations of products, styling and range options, colours and finishes. Since German kitchens are made to order, you can work with your designer to create a design solution that is perfectly unique to you.

German kitchens do not only come as clean and minimalistic,  you can also choose a country Shaker style with us if you prefer. You will still get immaculate engineering and attention to detail with these heart-warming, traditional looks. We have many choices to suit your home, and it is a good investment for your property value.

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Bespoke German
Kitchen Design

When remodelling your own home, it is more straightforward to step back and allow an interior designer to guide you. This will aid the selection process, ultimately achieving linear coherence instead of a crowded assortment.

As interior designers, we love to gather aesthetic elements and textural samples, bringing it all together once the preferred scheme and layout has been chosen.
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