Shaker Style

Our timeless Shaker style hints at a country kitchen, with the heartwarming ambience of a farm cottage.

This style never goes out of date. You can turn your home into a cottage with this ubiquitous and charming look. With its panel framing and signature handles, the look is simple and elegant, without elaborate ornamentation.

There are plate racks and perfectly crafted open wood shelf boxes – all you can imagine – for a harmonious blend of modern styling with traditional comfort and the tranquility of country life.

If a kitchen makes the house, workmanship and detail make the kitchen. Our Shaker style is available in both our Classic and Modern ranges, giving you price options and more finishes to choose from.

The designer shade and materials you choose can be continued into the interior organisers for a fluid continuation of colour. Your German kitchen design creates a new living space which is also a work space. Therefore:

  • Your utensils, pans and ingredients should have their own reachable place
  • Organisers and ergonomic modelling will increase functionality and satisfaction
  • Corner base units have strong swivel shelves that make good use of all the space.

Beautiful Solid wood Interior organisers and utensil trays or integrated pull-outs make your experience that bit special. The wooden box option declutters your shelves by gathering smaller items together.

Clean & Modern
Space type:
Completed in 2018

Bespoke German
Kitchen Design

When remodelling your own home, it is more straightforward to step back and allow an interior designer to guide you. This will aid the selection process, ultimately achieving linear coherence instead of a crowded assortment.

As interior designers, we love to gather aesthetic elements and textural samples, bringing it all together once the preferred scheme and layout has been chosen.
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