Why choose a grey kitchen?

20th February 2019by admin

Getting your kitchen colour right is no mean feat and an important part of the design process. After all, you will be living with this colour morning, noon and night for…well, depending on the quality of your kitchen… a very long time.

Kitchen colour fads come and go as did the avocado bathroom. At the moment grey is a theme that comes up regularly for kitchens.

What does the colour grey mean?

Grey is considered to be an impartial colour. Whilst some consider it a reminder of cold, drab, winter days it is also a sophisticated, if conservative colour. As a neutral, in interiors it allows you to bring out other parts of the room – your pictures, feature walls or, in a kitchen, the units or worktops, perhaps.

We find it provides a sleek and clean look – helping you to feel ordered and in control when cooking, washing up or clearing away the kids dinner. And, what better colour for covering up scuffs and marks that are bound to build over time?

So in essence…a grey kitchen:

  • Is easy to clean
  • Creates a sleek and sophisticated look
  • Helps you to feel calm and in control
  • Allows you to accentuate any accessories or features

But when we say a grey kitchen, what do we mean? A grey kitchen could be the walls, the floor, the ceiling, the units or the worktop – or perhaps all of the above? Below we provide some suggestions to help you with building your grey kitchen mood board…and ultimately in designing the dream grey kitchen for you!

Grey Kitchen Cabinets

It seems so simple, doesn’t it? But there are so many different textures, shades and styles of grey kitchen cabinet! Below we have provided a few design ideas that might help you find what you’re looking for:

1. Grey Gloss Units

Grey gloss units are a really simple, easy design feature for your kitchen and provide a great opportunity to add a nice contrast with your walls. Gloss is so easy to clean, and always looks super smart. We tend to associate them more with an urban kitchen, but there is nothing to say that they won’t liven up a country kitchen.

Grey gloss kitchen cupboards

2. Grey Matt Units:

Grey matt units are also really smart. They provide instant sophistication and calmness to a room.

Grey marble worktop

3. Mixing It Up a Bit

Who says that you have to have just type of unit? Mixing your units is a great way to shake up the feel of your room. It can also really help to make smaller spaces feel bigger. Here a lighter external unit is opened to have a dark grey interior, creating a sense of depth in a small kitchen.

Pop-up cupboard door

And in a larger kitchen a mixture of cabinet colours can create different moods for the different parts of the room.

L Shaped bar in grey kitchen

You can even mix and match your textures – with the kitchen below using both gloss and matt units.

German Kitchen Design Showroom

4. Other Textures

We love natural stone looks. There is nothing like having a piece of nature in your kitchen to help you feel calm and at one. Below are a couple of our favourites. The first one is smooth…

Kitchen with grey industrial granite finishes

….the other is textured.

Textured grey graphite-finish cupboards

Grey Worktop Surfaces

The nice thing about considering grey as a colour in your kitchen is that you can get some really beautiful natural worktop surfaces in this colour. Take a look at the marble below, or perhaps some polished cement? Dreamy.

Grey Slate Worktop TextureLight Marble Worktop Texture

Grey Splashback

Grey splashbacks are perfect for making sure that any dirt marks remain hidden. Like with the work surface options, it’s also a great colour for using natural materials like stone or marble.

Kitchen Sink with dark grey backsplash

You can also opt for tiles as a splashback, but you might want to consider using grey grouting. Not only is it super trendy but it keeps hidden all the nasties that, over the years, tend to appear in moist areas.

Grey Floor

There’s something about a grey floor. It’s really smart, non committal and fantastic for hiding dirt and dust. Aside from its practicalities, it also allows the user to focus on other parts of the room. According to interior designer Melanie Lissack, “Grey or grey-tinged flooring provides the perfect base for a more vibrant decor scheme as it keeps that balance and tones down an eclectic interior from being too crazy”

We really love the natural look provided by this beautiful stone floor, but options to lighten it up in both material (wood) and colour will provide a more airy feel.

Dark grey German kitchen with wooden finish

Grey Kitchen Paint

1. Type of Paint

It is important that when choosing paint for a kitchen you use a paint that can handle the odd splash, have grease wiped from it and take a bit of soap and elbow grease. We suggest using a satin or semi-gloss paint for your kitchen is perfect in this regard. For those looking for more of a matt finish, we’d recommend you lean towards the satin finish – which also is good at resisting stains and mould. A semi-gloss will have more of a shine to it, but it is much more durable – more of a wipe clean option if you are expecting a lot of traffic or weaning babies.

If you prefer a more matt finish, try using the beautiful paint colours of Farrow & Ball. They have a “Modern Emulsion” – it still has a matt finish but is more durable than the standard Emulsion.

Accessible German kitchen design

2. Do you want your walls to contrast with or complement the rest of your kitchen?

Think about what you want your walls to do. Do you want them to bring out the colours in the rest of your kitchen, if so go for a bold grey like the above picture. If you would prefer it to be “part” of the kitchen, go for a colour that matches more closely with the floor, worktop and cabinet colour scheme.

Kitchen with island at centre

3. Mix it up

Like with your units, who says that you need to use just one kitchen colour on your walls? This kitchen shows how you can mix and match your units and your walls to make each space individual whilst also complementing each other.

Large open-plan kitchen

4. Textured walls

You don’t have to limit yourself to the idea of paint and wallpaper. You can texture your walls as well. just have to consider kitchen wall paint – you can add texture to your walls with tiles, exposed brick work or panelling.

Black and grey matt kitchen

Light Grey Kitchen

Choosing light grey for your units and walls makes a space feel light and airy. You can accentuate this with dark floors.

Gorgeous white gloss kitchen

Going The Whole Hog

Who says you need to differentiate between the walls and the kitchen units? Below the lighting in the shelving units of this kitchen adds depth to the glamour of the same colour walls and units. The boldness of the colour choice is brought out by the stunning bleached wood floor.

Black graphite kitchen

By using a multitude of greys this kitchen stands out in style. Choosing an accessory, such as the gold, really brings out the beauty of the colour combination whilst also adding a touch of elegance and grandeur

Dark grey and brown matt kitchen


Grey kitchens are right on trend, but it doesn’t mean it is a simple solution. There is still a lot to think about in terms of the shade, texture and way that you want to put together your kitchen to make it help you feel calm and ordered when cooking, but also bringing out parts of your character that make it warm, fun and inviting to be in.

If you’d like further help on your decision making process, get in touch with one of our consultants and we will hope to get you on your way to your perfect German Kitchen Design in no time.


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