9 Best Kitchen Splashback Ideas

27th February 2019by admin

Kitchen splashbacks are a fantastic way to refresh your kitchen without completely renovating. Choosing the right material, colour and style will elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic, while providing a practical way to keep your kitchen clean and protect your walls.

At German Kitchen Design, we believe that the best kitchen splashbacks are ones that are durable, sustainably sourced and part of a great kitchen design. Looking for kitchen splashback ideas? Look no further than our list of the nine best splashbacks out there.

1. White splashbacks: Classic wood panels

White wooden splashback

Who can argue with classic? White splashbacks give your kitchen freshness with bright and clean simplicity. White wood panels are great for country houses or kitchens with a natural feel, but could easily be swapped for tiles if you prefer a wipe-clean material for your splashbacks. Pair with rich, dark colours, even black, for a sharp contrast. Using a single hue of white for both cabinets and the panelling for your white splashback will ensure there is cohesion in your kitchen.

2. Black glass splashbacks: Professional & sleek

Glossy glass black splashback

Black glass splashbacks can be used to create professional and sleek areas for cooking. In brighter rooms, with a soft colour palette, this juxtaposition will add depth to a kitchen. A black glass splashback will also pair well with appliances, which typically are made in the same black gloss, allowing you to include a thematic dark accent in your kitchen.

3. Wood splashbacks: Forest cabin meets beach house

Rustic wooden splashback

Lean into the cosy, grounded and communal appeal of kitchens. If you are looking at wooden counter-tops and tables, then you should consider extending this to your splashbacks. With wood as the backdrop to your kitchen, pair it with other natural materials like stone, wicker and canvas. Use vertical wood panels to give the appearance of height, and horizontal panels for breadth. This can benefit more petite kitchens.

4. Black splashbacks: A contrasting brick effect

Contrasting black splashback

Don’t be afraid of considering black splashbacks for your kitchen. Black is best paired in contrast to white, though pops of colour can work if used sparingly and in bold shades. For a modern, industrial kitchen, black brick-effect splashbacks should be paired with very pale wood and black metal pieces, like black pipe lighting and metal chairs. Black brickwork will also marry well with shades of grey if you are looking to create a layered and tonal feel to your kitchen.

5. Stone and quartz splashbacks: Effortlessly upscale

Stone and quartz splashback

Marble has long been the must-have material for splashbacks, counters and islands in the kitchens of the wealthy. It evokes excellence, durability and a chic elegance. You can attain the same effect; at a more reasonable price, with quartz or granite. Quartz in particular is excellent as it is sealed with resin which helps it resist stains and discoloration. Quartz worktops are available in styles that emulate almost any stone, including naturally impossible colours and in perfectly consistent patterns.

6. Kitchen splashback tiles: Style without limits

Using tiled splashbacks in a kitchen

Kitchen splashback tiles are perfect for any and every kitchen because they are available in a huge range of styles, colours and shapes. Glossy uniform tiles in a single colour can turn your splashback into a feature wall, a wonderful way to add a pop of colour, while matte or textured tiles, perhaps in fractured patterns or shades, can break up an otherwise methodical kitchen layout. For geometric inspired kitchens, splashback tiles can be echo or juxtaposed against other prints in your furnishings.

7. Laminate splashbacks: Easy and affordable

Low-cost laminate splashback

Laminate splashbacks are a popular choice. They are reliable, affordable, resistant to marks, and come in a selection of statement colours and clear shades that allow them to effortless blend into any kitchen design. We suggest including laminate splashbacks in smaller areas, such as between cupboards and cookers, as well as around any preparation surfaces. Clear laminate splashbacks and provide protection around your cooking areas, without covering statement walls or wallpaper.

8. Coloured splashbacks: Bold hues or subtle shades

Contrasting black with grey using splashbacks

Coloured splashbacks have been used to compliment the prime colours in a kitchen. Where a rich, duck egg yellow is being featured, it can be repeated in tiles or a painted wall with glass splashback. If you are using colour blocking in navy and orange, a bold pink splashback can complete the trio. Alternatively, a coloured splashback can blend into the diverse shades of a room, as in the above image, with a pale, complimentary grey that allows dark cabinets to stand out.

9. Mirror splashbacks: Open up your space

Mirror Splashback

A mirror splashback brings depth and space to compact areas, or expands already open kitchens. What makes mirror splashbacks so appealing, apart from being easy to maintain and clean, is that in daylight they contain your cooking area while sharing in the sunlight from your windows. In the evening, with minimal lighting, it adds to the intimacy of your kitchen space. We recommend focusing on single colours for the walls and surfaces around a mirror splashback, unless you are hoping to use complex patterns to create a kaleidoscope effect in your kitchen.

Mix and match your kitchen splashback ideas

Kitchen splashbacks can be as practical or as daring as you want them to be. These ideas are only the starting point, as there are so many combinations we couldn’t possibly think of. If you love the idea of a mirrored splashback but are in an industrial styled home, you might want to try a distressed frame or use mirrored tiles, or if you love the idea of a wood splashback but are concerned about keeping it pristine, why not layer a glass splashback over wood panelling. All kitchen splashback ideas are possible.


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