Matt Kitchens

Matt is a matter of preference; explore the range of subtle finishes that give your new German Kitchen a soft sheen. Less reflective than gloss, matt finishes can still be cleaned effectively.

If you choose our Comet kitchen design in Putty Concrete Pearl Grey, the rustic marbled effect can be accentuated with strong, mid-tone walls and soft furnishings. You can add brushed steel on the extractor and oven and contrast it with our Laser Soft wall shelving design system in Polar White.

Simple greys on the walls and curtains make the beauty of our Putty Concrete Pearl Grey
cabinets really stand out.

Or you could go with our Laser Soft kitchen design. Warm yourself in a soft retro shade of chocolate, or surround yourself in baby-soft duck egg blues. The Laser Soft option is also available in infinitely versatile Polar White or Cashmere.

Some of the colour options for our Laser Soft style are:

  • Mocha Brown
  • Cashmere
  • Aquamarine

Wrap up in some of our velvet finishes for the colder months. Come and explore our Matt kitchen designs and lose yourself in a world of soft options.

Clean & Modern
Space type:
Completed in 2018

Bespoke German
Kitchen Design

When remodelling your own home, it is more straightforward to step back and allow an interior designer to guide you. This will aid the selection process, ultimately achieving linear coherence instead of a crowded assortment.

As interior designers, we love to gather aesthetic elements and textural samples, bringing it all together once the preferred scheme and layout has been chosen.
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