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9th November 2018by admin

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

This, especially, applies to kitchens. No matter the size, with our modern way of living, kitchens truly are at the heart of the home, often on display in open plan spaces. With this in mind, without carefully thought through storage solutions, your sleek kitchen could quickly become a sight for sore eyes, with clutter on surfaces and items spilling out of every cupboard.

A tidy home is a tidy mind. Get it right from the start and consider how you cook, what you use on a day to day basis, and how you can build your kitchen around you and your specific needs to make sure that it functions as slickly as it looks.

Divide Your Drawers

Pull-out kitchen drawers
Drawers, the most taken for granted pull out storage system we have, and yet how often one can forget to consider them in their Kitchen build!

Cutlery and Utensils

Keeping your items separated by drawer dividers will ensure that you don’t lose things to the clutter of a million utensils; that your scissors live in their designated space, as do the whisks and the spatulas.

Plates and Bowls

Key to a slickly run kitchen is convenience. You don’t want to break your back pulling out piles of plates to reach the one you want right at the back. Consider drawers instead. Using a peg base can help ensure that they don’t crash about.

Bowls in pull-out kitchen drawer

Baking Trays and Cooking Dishes

Keeping your baking trays and dishes on shelves by the oven is really neat, but even neater is the idea that you could grab whichever one you want without having to do any sifting. Creating a tray style storage solution makes this option super easy.

Glasses and Cups

These, too can be stored in a drawer, but you can also place them up high. Ergonomic kitchen design is making this option much easier, with pull down shelves that make it easy for anyone, whatever their height, to have those lofty spaces in easy reach.

And it doesn’t have to be limited to your crockery, you can use this shelving to make sure that anything above eye-height becomes easily within reach.

Organisational Inserts

Pull out inserts make for a really slick use of what would often be considered dead space, particularly useful for spice pots and larder items.

Spices and larder items

If you like a good curry or cooking the latest Ottolenghi recipe you will, no doubt, have tonnes of spices. Whilst these are small in themselves, their storage can be cumbersome with different brands offering different styles of labelling (from the lid to the side) and shelves and racks can quickly become overladen with greasy, unsightly spice overload.

With a kitchen fitting there is often a space that becomes redundant to almost anything other than something 5cm wide, which is a perfect gap for your spices. Consider using shelving inserts, narrow drawers, or the back of a door as part of your spice pull out storage system. A really nifty way of using an otherwise waste of space.

Kitchen storage shelf inserts
Consider using shelving inserts as part of your spice pull out storage system.

You can use the same concept for larger larder items – using pull out shelves or pull out drawers will stop you buying 6 soy sauces as each one gets lost at the back of a jam packed cupboard.

Large pull-out shelves are a great kitchen storage solution.

Pull out shelves

Do you use that magimix often enough for it to be tiresome to pull it off its shelf or out of its cupboard whenever you use it, but not enough to justify cluttering your kitchen surface? Consider pull out shelves that keep the item tucked away when not in use, but easily accessible when you need to quickly whizz up that cake mix or weigh your flour.

Pull out bins

The easier it is to recycle, the more you will do it. Ramming your recycling into a bin too small for it, will only put you off doing it. And do it you should. Each county and borough in the UK has its own specific recycling guidelines. By looking these up and making sure that you are aware of the different material divisions that the council expects you can get the right bin divider for you.

With numerous size options available there is always a way of getting the perfect recycling set up for you. You can also consider using a kitchen corner unit for this purpose. The corner offers a suitable amount of space to add your recycling storage – with some great ideas here.

And talking of corners…these cumbersome, dead space kitchen areas can be pretty useful if you make the most of them.

Kitchen Corner Units

Kitchen corner units have always been awkward, difficult spaces to work with. But with new designs for unique considerations of different storage solutions you no longer have to boycott them.

There is of course, the classic Lazy Susan, a simple, no fuss way of making sure that everything in your corner is accessible. Whilst this is a common solution, it might not always be the best one for you. Consider what it is you might want to store in the cupboard, and then build your design around it.

Kitchen corner storage unit

Pots and Pans

The Corner Pull Out

The corner pull out is now considered to be a the optimum in corner unit design. Whilst the storage is easy, it is probably still best to keep larger items that can’t be lost into oblivion such as pots and pans.

Not so Lazy Susan Pot and Pan Organiser

If you prefer not to have your frying pans hanging on display or stacked in a greasy pile on a shelf or drawer, consider this option where you can hang your frying pans neatly tucked away in the cupboard, whilst also being easy to access with the lazy Susan carousel mechanism.

Cutlery/Tea Towels/ Utensils

Corner Drawers

You can also use your corners to store smaller items such as cutlery with the more modern corner drawers. These make for no fuss, easy access drawers for everyday items:

Kitchen Corner Shelves

You can also make a feature of your corners, putting items that you want in easy reach or that add a certain touch of je ne sais quoi to your kitchen decor.

Spices, larder items and miscellaneous storage

The Magic Corner

And finally, if you’re looking for a little more to your cupboard, the “magic corner” design allows you to limit any dead space in the corner with its two independent swivel trays: maximise the space in the corner with its interlocking shelving system.

However, it is equally possible to store your larder items on the carousel option, just get some storage shelving included to stop spillages and to keep everything in its designated spot.


So we’ve given you the most up to date ideas for super slick pull out kitchen storage solutions. The key for you now is to have a serious think about what you use in your kitchen, how you use it and how often you need to access it. In doing this you can take our suggested ideas and make sure that you design the right fit for you, using pull outs to make the space unique to your needs and every bit as slick as your beautiful new kitchen looks.

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