How To Style A White Kitchen

4th March 2019by admin

When thinking of classic kitchen designs, stone worktops, plenty of wood furnishing and beautiful white walls come to mind. There is a clean elegance to a kitchen styled in hues of white. By taking the best from the inviting brightness of this shade and coupling it with varied materials and textures, we create cosy and comforting kitchens you’ll love.

White kitchens are more than a blank slate. Here, we present our favourite ideas for white kitchens, looking at using white as an accent, a feature and as a theme in your design.

Get to know your whites before you start

Various tones of white

As with any colour or shade, slight difference can have a huge effect on feeling and presence. White comes in variety of tones, from polar white, neutralising greys and restful blues, to pastel pinks and warm oranges. Knowing your whites and how they will sit alongside your feature colour and those furnishing and units that you have already installed or chosen, will help you to curate a style that fits your kitchen. Pair the hints of other hues to find clashes you love or complimentary shades that sing to you.

Create a white backdrop for your kitchen

Kitchen with white splashbacks and backdrops

The framing of your room can make a huge difference to its look and feel. White kitchens are at an advantage as, unlike most colours, white allows for a greater flexibility; most colour choices will limit your palette to its companion colours.

Depending on where you use white, you can afford to add in bold colours or create gradient shades more easily in your kitchen. You should also consider texture when creating a white kitchen, adding in smooth and rough, warm and cool materials to ensure your kitchen is minimal and functional, rather than clinical.

Encourage lightness with white walls

Kitchen with white walls

The walls are the backdrop for your kitchen’s design. They are the canvas upon which you add your cupboards, tables, lighting and other accessories. White is reflective and so amplifies light in a refreshing way that is almost impossible with any other colour. Ivory and eggshell whites will fade perfectly into the background, offering a clean finish, whereas cream and champagne whites will add a little warmth to your kitchen.

White kitchen walls might seem like a bold move, but don’t forget that you will be layering onto the walls and starting with simplicity is both logical and appealing. If the idea of gloss white kitchens puts you off, consider including texture in your white kitchen with a patterned texture wallpaper or matt paints. The effect of matt kitchens with white walls balances the sleek shine of appliances, tiles and counter-tops.

Consider white laminate for floors and counters

White floors and worktops

Cosy and inviting white laminate floors can be used to contrast against dark feature walls and units. Wood laminate in pale shades of white, such as beige and alabaster, will complement slate and charcoal greys, while adding a distinct softness to a white kitchen.

White laminate countertops and stone accents can be paired here too. Flooring and worktops can be the most similar in tone and material, compared to your other furnishings, as they share the same horizontal plane and so suit a unified style.

Remember white kitchen doors and windows

Kitchen with white doors and windows

Windows and doors should not be ignored when you are redesigning or revamping your kitchen. White kitchen doors act as the wrapping for your kitchen. Your door introduces you and your guests to your kitchen, and so should be in keeping with the theme of the room. This could mean having the frame painted the same colour as the units, or using patterned glass that complements your worktops, or featuring the same shabby chic material you used in your kitchen’s decor. Similarly, your windows should have a fresh finish in white gloss to denote cleanliness.

Add white kitchen accents

White kitchens are attractive, though an all-white kitchen can seem a little one note to some. If you are keen on a pop of colour or are looking to advocate for contrast in your shades, then focusing on accenting your kitchen with white may be the way forward. There are many exciting ways to achieve this, from spotlighting aspects of your white kitchen to marrying materials across pieces.

Emulate country homes with white wood panels

White Shaker-style kitchen

Using white wood panels for cupboards, splashbacks and other kitchen units is a fabulous way of emulating country houses and seaside homes. You can never truly use too much wood in a kitchen of this style, and with the simplicity of white each addition becomes an extension of the natural and nautical theme. The whites you choose here should be complimentary, and limited. Consider selecting two focus shades of white and divide them between you walls, surfaces and kitchen units to make those accents clear.

Opt for white cupboards, appliances and units

White gloss kitchen

Kitchens are meant to be bright and inviting spaces. White will always help you to create more light in a room, reflecting and amplifying without changing the space in a way that mirrors would. Kitchens that use whiteness correctly will accent parts of the space to make it feel modern and sophisticated.

By refining when you use white in your kitchen you can create the right ambience. Focus on white cupboards, appliances and other units like kitchen islands, and then pair with other colours. Adding copper, gold and bronze will build on a refined aesthetic in these white kitchens. Dark wood for flooring and furniture similarly complement the gleam of the white cupboards and appliances by offering shade and substance.

Create cohesion with white splashbacks & worktops

White matt kitchen with central island

When designing a white kitchen, we consider how the dimensions of the space will sit with one another. Shifts in perspective when entering, dining and cooking, all have an effect on how you view the room. Where possible, your countertops, splashbacks and other surfaces should be coordinated, especially in white kitchens.

You can create focus in a kitchen by allowing white to only be featured in certain areas. A focal point can be conjured with clean lines around your cooker and dining area. Use pearl and chiffon whites that can stand out against dark colours like juniper green or coal grey.

Find a white kitchen to suit the style of your home

There are a plethora of ways in which you can create your dream white kitchen, all of which will suit you and your home to greater or lesser extent. What works for a renovated industrial space might not suit a minimalist apartment. You might be looking to break down divisions in your kitchen space to encourage communal eating or be looking to allow for partitions into areas. Whatever you need, you can create it with a white kitchen.

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