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Gloss says it all. Glam it up with high-gloss glassy lacquers. These reflective finishes are great for super-clean looks. The lacquers are carefully blended with a hardener, resulting in insoluble, diamond resistance to liquids and abrasion.

If you opt for the Cristall kitchen design in Polar White or Black High Gloss Lacquer, you will achieve a pure and sanitized look.
This can be softened with light oak furnishings or contrasted with black (or white) tiles, to dramatic monochrome effect.

“Our kitchen designers can show you how choosing gloss adds the perfect finish to brighten the appearance and durability of your new premium German kitchen design.”

It’s no wonder gloss is so popular; book a consultation with your designer to try out some stunning looks with high gloss
in these fabulous colours:

  • Marble black High Gloss
  • Buttercup High Gloss
  • Sahara Orange High Gloss
  • Dark Ash Grey High gloss

Combining polyester lacquer and hardener at specific temperatures (to match the wood temperature) is so successful that there is no need for a primer. We also blend a compound polyurethane catalyst lacquer to an exact ratio before the hardening process – which makes a perfect primer – if additional resistance to abrasion, water and chemicals is preferred. However, three coats do yield sufficient hardness against normal wear.

Clean & Modern
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Completed in 2018

Bespoke German
Kitchen Design

When remodelling your own home, it is more straightforward to step back and allow an interior designer to guide you. This will aid the selection process, ultimately achieving linear coherence instead of a crowded assortment.

As interior designers, we love to gather aesthetic elements and textural samples, bringing it all together once the preferred scheme and layout has been chosen.
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